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Email Auto-Responder

This website provides a mechanism to enable or disable an auto-responder (previously known as a "vacation" message) for incoming email on "" accounts. Once enabled, the auto-responder will send a message of your choosing to the apparent sender of an incoming email.

Please note: Each sender will receive your "auto-response" message only once while the auto-responder is enabled.

Two cautions:
  • Auto-responders and spam: Please be aware that auto-responders will automatically respond to unwanted spam email just as they will to real mail, and using an auto-responder may result in the 'confirmation' of your email address (and a subsequent general increase in spam levels for your account).
  • Auto-responders and mailing lists: You should also know that while we try to avoid having the auto-responder accidentally reply to list postings, the auto-responder may be unable to identify some mail that's coming from a mailing list. As a result it may sometimes respond to list mailings, causing the mailing list owner to summarily cancel your subscription.
Disable Auto-Responder
Enable Auto-Responder

The auto-responder will send the following message. Please feel free to tailor this response to fit your needs. This message may be up to 1000 characters in length.
Auto-Response Message

If you are using a public terminal to access this site please quit from the web browser completely when you are done.

If you have any questions regarding use or the general behavior of the auto-responder, please contact the UO Service Portal.